Food Politics and the Paradigm Shift in the Parliamentary Debate on Food Security


  • Mohd Zulhelmi Syafuddin Tan
  • Ahmad Naqiyuddin Bakar
  • Yarina Ahmad
  • Quratul Ain Abdul Razak
  • Izzat Azri Ahmad Kharul Anuar



food politic, food security, agriculture, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


Food security has become a pertinent issue that is constantly being discussed in the mass media and even in parliamentary debates among the politicians. The topic of food security is political; hence, it should be handled with care within a confined aspect known as food politics.  This paper is a preliminary stage study to examine which facets of food security that were most prominently debated among the members of the House of Representatives and whether the discussions were in line with and accurately portrayed the actual situation on the ground among the public. Hansards from the Parliament of Malaysia seatings in 2019 and 2022 were obtained as secondary data for analysis. The finding showed that the question of food availability was frequently mentioned in parliamentary debates as availability was the precursor to the other dimensions of food security. Additionally, food security issues raised by our politicians correspond with current major global issues that are affecting the public; collectively known as the 3C-shock: COVID-19, Climate Change and Conflict (Russia-Ukraine War).



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