Etika Legislatif untuk Wakil Rakyat

Legislative Ethics for Honourable Members


  • Rais Yatim



Ethics, Legislative, Rule of Law, General Orders, Standing Orders


This paper recommends that members of the legislature consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as Members of the State Legislative Assembly (ADUN), be swaddled by a Legislative Ethics. This matter should be made compulsory considering that negative influence has begun to take root among the Honourable Members. If this trend goes unchecked, the Parliament and the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) will soon emerge as institutions eclipse in values and virtues or will be seen as institutions with eroding values and virtues. The future integrity of the nation must be assured. This can be achieved if the character and conduct of the Malaysian legislature are being guided in a positive manner.


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Author Biography

Rais Yatim

President of the Senate, Parliament of Malaysia


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