Author Guidelines

Articles should not have been published elsewhere or under review for publication elsewhere at the time. Articles that have been part of dissertation can be considered provided there is major modification and adjustment according to the requirement of the journal.

All contributions must be submitted through the online journal system of the Journal of the Malaysian Parliament at

All received articles will be evaluated by specialised referees. Selected articles will be returned to the writers with reviewer comments along with the Editorial Board decision regarding their publication. The editorial board may not give reasons in cases where the articles are far below the expected standards of scholarship. Articles submitted to the Journal are not returnable whether they are accepted for publication or not.

The Editorial Board holds the right to make any necessary changes in the approved articles for publication upon consultation with the writers. Stylistic, linguistic and limited editorial changes may be done by the Editorial Board itself.

All articles can be published in English or Bahasa Malaysia. In the Bahasa Malaysia’s article, translations should be given for titles, abstracts and keywords.

Articles submitted should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words in length.

Please include an abstract in between 150-250 words, five keywords, Introduction, main text (divided into headings and subheadings), and Conclusion.

Do not number any of the headings and subheadings. Papers to be submitted in word doc (no PDFs), Line spacing 1.5, Times New Roman, Font size 12, Footnotes in font size 10.

Journal of the Malaysian Parliament uses the footnote system of citation. Citations should not be embedded within the main text of the manuscript. Footnotes should be limited to those that are essential and kept brief (fewer than three lines). They should be marked clearly in superscript in the text at a point of punctuation.

A references list should also be included at the end of the article.

This journal follows the OSCOLA style of citation, 4th edn, Hart 2012, available at

Please refer to referencing and stylesheet as outlined in the Author Guidelines.